Project Citizen Showcase 2014

About Project Citizen

Project Citizen is a program designed to help students and youth groups learn how to monitor and influence public policy at state and local government levels. The program involves critical thinking, problem solving and cooperative learning. Students also learn how citizens can influence decisions on important issues.  Project Citizen aligns with the new Massachusetts Frameworks and is a perfect fit for the new required student lead civic project.

In the Project, students explore their community seeking a problem they might help or solve. After, carefully researching the problem, students seek multiple solutions. Together the students chose a solution they believe best solves their chosen problem and develop a public policy. Their final step requires they develop an action plan to inform and persuade people to favor their public policy solution.

Once the students have completed the project, they present their public policy to the governing body. Students may also present their Project in a simulated congressional hearing at the Massachusetts State House or perhaps, a simulated hearing on-line.


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