Citizen Lyceum

Citizen Lyceum is a new initiative of MACCE introduced in 2016 as an adult learning opportunity. Its purpose is to offer adults and groups a chance to learn more about American government, its principles, its values, and its institutions. The emphasis is to look at our government in a nonpartisan, non-ideological, non-political manner.

We offer one-and-a-half-hour or two-hour presentations on different topics at different venues, libraries, museums, historical sites, etc. Initially, we propose presentations on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but we will offer other topics as well.

The Citizen Lyceum Mission’s primary focus is “to promote civic learning and engagement for adults.” “The Citizen Lyceum will offer opportunities for adults to learn about fundamental American principles and values, its institutions, and civic dispositions needed to maintain our constitutional democracy.”

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