Volunteering with the Massachusetts Center for Civic Education is a great way to give back to your community. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, from K-12 educators, lawyers, professors, college students, political leaders and staffers, civic educators, retirees, to alumni. 

  • One way to get involved is to work with school districts in your community. Finding out if schools use We the People and/or Project Citizen is the first step to take. If our programs are not currently in use at these schools, you can work with administrators and teachers to implement these programs. 
  • Another way you can get involved is by becoming a judge for our Project Citizen Showcases or our We the People simulated hearings and Annual State Competition.
  • Another way you can get involved is by lending your time as a helper for a teacher. If you have experience in government and politics and/or in civic education, you could volunteer as a resource for local teachers. 
  • Additionally, you can donate to help fund professional development for teachers participating in our programs.

We’re always looking for new volunteers. If you’re interested in one (or more!) of the above opportunities, or if you have your own idea, please fill out the Volunteer Inquiry Form below, or reach out to our President, Roger Desrosiers. We’d be happy to work with you!

Roger Desrosiers, President



Volunteer Inquiry Form
It would be helpful to know the schools and teachers in your area that might need assistance and support with our programs.