“Last summer I took your Understanding the Fundamental Principles, Values and Institutions of American Government course and loved it! It was incredibly helpful since this is only the second year of our new 8th grade Civics curriculum.”

– Amy Fessette, Educator

“My favorite thing about this program is watching the students learn.  They know a lot as they come in, you see them tie together everything that their teachers have been preparing them for and all of their own thoughts.  You ask them questions, and it clicks.  It is wonderful to see this education in action.  The preparation they undertake is wonderful and it is a lifelong learning process that starts now.  Because once they have this background, they will pay attention to this thing that makes the American experiment work.  Without an informed citizenry, without people who have the skills these students have, it won’t work.”

– James McKenna, Professor at WPI

“One of the things that is so unique about We the People is that it empowers students to feel that they can go out and make a difference, that their voice actually matters.  They get the experience of talking to judges and replying to questions in a real world way.  That’s a powerful experience.  It is not just the knowledge, it is the experience and feeling that you can do something that you did not think you could do before.” 

– Ian Hoffman-Terry, Educator

“I participated in the program when I was a student.  One of the reasons that the program stuck with me and why I wanted to teach with this program is because it teaches really important collaboration and teamwork skills.  It has students do writing and editing that is good practice for their future.  It also provides a great opportunity for students to practice public speaking.  In addition to the actual content, which is important for everybody, the format teaches those important life skills that I know stuck with me and sticks with a lot of the students.”

– Molly Uppenkamp, Educator