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Student Community Center

Welcome to our student community center. Here you will find plenty of resources to aid you in understanding our government, our nation, and how to become a responsible citizen. We are excited that you have chosen to be a part of this community and if you have suggestions for enhancements please feel free to contact us.

We The People Resources

Are you on a team that is aspiring to win the National Finals? We have tools and resources in this section to help you prepare for your school, district, state and national competition hearings. From sample questions from past finals, to resources for aid in your quest. Even if you aren't aspiring to compete in the finals, these resources can help make your We The People project even stronger to ensure you pass with flying colors.

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Learning Center

Are you researching a particular event in our nation's history? Do you simply want to learn more about the events that shaped our nation? Do you need access to documents that will aid in your Project Citizen, We The People, or another school civics project? This is the area you will find those resources in.

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Fun Zone

Civics can be fun! Our Fun Zone includes links to online games, podcasts and quizzes designed to help you learn about our countries history and government.

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Connection Center

Connect with other like minded student's through a variety of social media outlets.

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