We The People State Competition Winners 2014

About We The People: Curriculum

The We The People Program has a wide variety of tools available to help educate upper elementary, middle, and high school students about the principles of the United States Constitutional Democracy. These tools include the e-books, textbooks, and supplementary lesson plans. These tools will help you engaged, educate, and increase participatory skills so that our next generation learns how to become effective and responsible citizens. Additionally, we have a wide variety of resources available to aid students in preparing for mock hearings and other We The People Projects.


One of our newest resources will help propel civic education into the modern technology age. Our We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution E-Books bring together the best qualities of traditional text books with a wide variety of interactive learning opportunities, such as videos, historical photographs, and interviews. The e-books are available for Level 1: High School and Level 2: Middle School students. Currently there is a 28 Day Free Trial available for the e-books.

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We the People print editions provide upper elementary, middle, and high school students with a course of instruction on the history and principles of our constitutional, representative democracy. Critical thinking exercises, problem-solving activities, and cooperative-learning opportunities help develop students' intellectual and participatory skills and fosters attitudes needed to participate as effective, responsible citizens. The books are broken down for Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6), Middle School (Grades 5-9), and High School (Grades 10-12). These books are available through the National Center for Civic Education.

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The Lesson Plans

A wide variety of supplementary lesson plans have been developed for We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution. These lessons are designed to help participants deepen their understanding of responsible citizenship, constitutional history and government. Below is a list of available resources that are available through the Massachusetts and National Centers for Civic Education.


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