E-Book Listings


E-Books are becoming increasingly popular in the education setting for many reasons including, a reduction in costs and storage space needs. Because many of these e-books have text to speech capabilities and flexibility in fonts they can also be helpful in overcoming common learning obstacles, like dyslexia, reading challenges and visual impairments. Many e-books have web and multimedia tie-ins which help to bring their education to life with interactive quizzes, videos, and audio. They also help to prepare our future generation for the technology laden world beyond the classroom helping to ensure our students are as responsible of citizens online as they are offline. They are also more environmentally friendly option over printed books which frequently need to be replaced every few years.

With so many benefits existing for the use of e-books in the classroom, we have begun to collect a list of available titles in textbooks, teachers resources, and general civics books. If you have an e-book title you would like to suggest be added to this list, please send us an email.

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