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The Massachusetts Center for Civic Education is a group within our community. Just like our community, it is made up of many different groups all striving for the same goals. In our communities section we have put together resources to support those groups and help individuals to connect with each other. Whether you are a student, alumni of our programs, educator, volunteer or a coordinator you will find helpful resources and ways to connect within our organization.

For Students

Your pursuit of a greater understanding of civics is applauded and admired. You are on the path to becoming a responsible and effective citizen. To help you accomplish your goals we have compiled a variety of resources and fun tools to help you research and connect with other student's who are pursuing the same goals.

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For Alumni

Our alumni have reaped the rewards from the education and experiences our programs have provided. Not only did you learn what it takes to become a responsible citizen and how to effect change in your communities public policies, but you built lasting friendships with your team and classmates through programs like We the People and Project Citizen.  You are our legacy in each generation. We love to hear about your success that we helped give you the knowledge to accomplish. For you we have put together tools to help you connect with each other, learn about volunteer opportunities, and continue your civics awareness.

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For Teachers

Our teachers are the backbone of our community. You, have provided the civics education our student's and alumni benefit from receiving. You work long hours and often with shoe string budgets. For you we have pulled together resources to make your jobs easier.  From funding sources and professional development opportunities to lesson plans and ways to connect with other teachers for collaborative efforts, you will find them all in our Teachers Community.

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For Volunteers

Our volunteers help keep our programs running smoothly and provide much needed services within our community and organizations. Whether you are a retired teacher looking to help with one of our programs or a former alumni with a gift of technology skills to help keep our website and social media sites updated. We want you to be a part of our organization. In our Volunteer Community you can find resources for various opportunities, about the types of upcoming volunteer opportunities we have available and ways to connect with other volunteers.

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For Coordinators

Our Coordinators serve as primary points of contact and organizers of our Project Citizen and We The People programs. They are a vital resource in and of themselves for our students, teachers, and volunteers. Because many of you are working full-time in addition to volunteering in this role we know that time can be a scarce commodity. To help you more effectively manage your districts in the time you have available, we have put together tools to help make your jobs easier.

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